Reasons People Love Rock n Roll Music

From time immemorial, music has been a blissful art admired by almost everyone. From little children to the aged, everyone listens to a particular genre of music that they like most. It could be the Jazz, Blues, Hip Hop, Country music or any other type of music played out in the society today. While it is difficult to define music, it can be considered as a blended sound that soothes the ear.


Music is categorized based on its elements, tone, structure, among other qualities. It is produced by various types of musical instruments including the guitars, pianos, keyboards, drums, and percussions among many others. Usually, it is defined as the pleasant sound. Music generates pleasure and often reflects the time it was produced. It is referred to be a timeless precious creation affected by its environment. This art influences many musicians who in turn give their souls to creating excellent and unique songs.


However, ‘Rock and Roll’ is one popular music genre loved by billions worldwide. It is dance music with strong beats and simple melodies believed to have begun in the 1950s. DJ Alan Freed, is believed to have invented it during his radio program. It combines different types of music such as the jazz, the country music, blues, and the gospel music. The king of Rock and Roll is known to be Elvis Presley.


There are several reasons why the Rock and Roll music is appreciated even today. Some of the reasons include:


  1. The sounds associated with this type of music. This particular genre of music is appreciated for its grizzly sound, solo guitars, and the seemingly never-ending lively performances. These songs, in my opinion, are quite smooth and reenergizing and always leaves you inspired.


  1. The nature of the Cinematography of its albums. Most of its records can and would be listened from start to finish without getting tired. Some of the musicians from this time would document their live concerts or even an entire film to keep their fans entertained.


  1. The art. Most songs from this decade touch the lives of its listeners with their audible sounds and motivating images. Artists would invest their time, creativity and money into their album’s art, something which makes them some of the unique album arts ever done.


  1. The Nostalgia feeling of the music. In my opinion, no modern music can outdo the creativity and devotion the Rock and Roll musicians exercised while making their music. It is by far the most sensible types of music that can pass information and motivation in the best way I can ever imagine.


However, besides its influence on other kinds of music, it also influenced other social practices such as the dressing, television performances and dance styles. Many of the dance styles of the 1960s and 1970s were based on a rock ‘n’ roll song. It continually influenced different cultures and started trends that often traveled throughout the world. Therefore, this type of music however considered evil by some is a perfect way to ending your day from your daily activities. When I used to attend rock concerts, I always bring alkaline drops for drinking water.